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Teodorico Teixeira Mendes
Espaço Sonhar Acordados, Barreiro, 14.12.2017 to 23.12.2017
...the movement by which things change,
to give oneself,
to happen,
to became,
to change

Designation of passage from one condition to another; changing movement or continuous transformation.

Its elements meet and dialogue with each other, as part of a system/body in which each of them plays a role, a new light, a new code.
In this exhibition TTM pays homage to what is to come, who is coming, to his birth to is father role.
Appeals to the discovery of these new territories of life, recreating them on paper, transforming them into new maps.
By “DEVIR”, he seeks to welcome not only the new being into his life, like all those who seek to know his new world, these new territories.
This exhibition has taken place in the site where we give art and yoga lessons to children and adult people. The particular spot where the light is positioned, marks the place where my wife gave her yoga lessons while pregnant. That light symbolizes Dinis, the light that came into our lives.
text: Sofia Jesus
photos: Cláudio Ferreira

Exhibition view

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