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Teodorico Teixeira Mendes, 2019, mixmedia on paper, 30x40cm and performance

This is a work of love and dedication. It celebrates the arrival of my first baby, my son. I celebrate his arrival with a music, created by me and constructed under graphic symbols that tell him to be good and brave. This music/performance celebrates a new generation in my family, and the hope that I can pass him all the good values that were once passed to me.

A new human being is also a new world, a new map and represents a new social role to me. This new role will ask me to make new discoveries every day, new walks in my town, a new organization to my day, so it can fit him and his discoveries.


The first symbols inside a circle represent both shoulders and the crescendo symbolizes a 10 time finger strum. After, there is a pause on the left hand and the right hand continues playing with the first finger down, the second, third and forth fingers go up and down in a sequence, then both hands get fixed on the table and slowly they shake going up to the sky, in a thankful like ritual.



photos and video: Cláudio Ferreira and Sofia Jesus

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